The nose can be thought of as a pipe going on either side from the front nostril to a back nostril further back. The sinuses open into the side wall of this pipe, and the adenoids sit behind the back nostril.

Nasal blockage and discharge can be very troublesome indeed in children.

Nasal blockage can due to a problem with this pipe i.e. the lining of the pipe becoming swollen so that the hole for breathing is smaller than normal. “Rhin” is a word used to mean nose, and “itis” is a word used for swelling & inflammation. Such children are said to have “Rhinitis”. This can be
1. Infective, as happens to all of us we have a cold (infective rhinitis), or
2. Allergy (allergic rhinitis) or
3. No unidentifiable cause (intrinsic rhinitis). Treatments vary from salt water drops to allergen avoidance, to active medicines.

Nasal blockage may also be due to enlarged adenoids blocking the back nostril. Removal of adenoids (adenoidectomy) can be considered for children with this problem.