Grommets are extremely effective in the treatment of persistent symptomatic glue ear with improvement in hearing happening straight away after the surgery.I describe the condition and grommets in the video linked below.

How long does the operation take?

The actual operating time taken is usually 20 to 30 minutes.
Children are gone from their parents eyes for about an hour and a quarter as parents are there in the anaesthetic room until the anaesthetic begins, but then the anaesthetic is done properly, monitoring equipment is put on, and then the child is taken into the operating room. We then check that everyone in theatre is the correct person to be there and that we have the correct child i.e. safety checks are carried out. Then we get the equipment in including the microscope to carry out the surgery. The surgery is an carried out.

Note/Disclaimer : The above is general information, and a general guide. Each child is actually unique and so limitations, risks and benefits for each child are different. Treatment is carried out in a was specific to the individual child’s needs and situation.